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Gantry Crane Double Girder

We offer a unique range of Gantry Cranes Double Girder which is an ideal material handling equipment for various industries. These Gantry Cranes are available in double girder type. Manufactured using quality material, these indoor Industrial Gantry Cranes & outdoor Industrial Gantry Cranes are appreciated for their durability and optimum performance.

Specification :
  • SMACO Equipments are designed for High Speed operation to give increased productivity.
  • Precision workmanship of all components minimizes losses and increases efficiency.
  • Gears having precision hobbed teeth which are heat treated.
  • Raw materials are subjected to ultrasonic testing while important weldments are radiographed.
  • Rigid Inspection procedures at all stages of manufacturing to ensure unfailing dependability.
  • Capacity : 5-100 Ton

Features :
  • Box type construction for Bridge Girders.
  • A tapered plate design is incorporated for Joining of end-carriages to the Girders there by ensuring smooth flow of stresses.
  • The end carriages are incorporated with L.T. wheels machined out of EN-8 forged blanks.
  • Mounted on 'L' type bearing housings with anti-friction bearings.
  • Robust construction
  • Low maintenance cost
  • All parts requiring maintenance are made easily accessible. Number of parts requiring frequent maintenance is kept to minimum. Wearing part can be easily removed and replaced thus reducing down time.
  • Radio Remote control operation is offered with 50 to 100 mtrs. range and upto 200 mtrs. as optional features.
  • VVVF Drive Control for Hoisting / CT & LT Motions is offered for smooth operation.