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Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Flameproof Wire Rope Electric Hoists are generally used in oil & gas industries, chemical industries or in hazardous areas where explosion is possible due to mechanical/electrical sparking; for gas groups IIA/IIB & IIC.To avoid the explosion, electrical components are used with flameproof enclosures to defuse the sparking. These enclosures are certified by CMRS/PESO.In case of gas group IIC area, cladded wheels are used to avoid mechanical sparking due to friction.Festoon type of trailing cable system is used for electrical supply to avoid electrical sparking. Double compressed flameproof cable glands are used in SMACO Flameproof Hoists.

Flameproof Components :
  • Control Panel
  • Hoist Motor
  • Cross Travel Motor
  • Brake
  • Limit Switches
  • Pendant Push Button
  • Cable Glands